Cost Control System

Apollo has been fully computerized for over 30 years.  We began developing our customized project accounting software in 1976.  Today that Oracle™ based software has evolved into a state of the art tool which allows our employees a seamless work environment.  This technology provides timely control of project costs,  an integral component of overall project management.


Primavera™ is one of the most widely used scheduling programs in the world.  Apollo has utilized this software for  many years to assist in completing projects on time and under budget.  All project managers are trained in Primavera™ scheduling.  This document serves to drive all project participants to perform their activities in a timely manner.


Because cost estimating is central to successful construction management and general construction, Apollo has devoted extensive energies to tailoring a state-of-the-art software program to local construction cost parameters.  We accomplish this by participating in the competitive bid marketplace.  This enables us to constantly update our estimating unit cost basis to reflect current industry pricing.